Sunday School classes are the best way to meet new people and get to know one another better. Aside from the social aspect of it, it’s also a great place to study the Bible in a small group setting.
If you regulate church to just being the worship service you attend on Sunday mornings, you’ve missed the point of being a part of the family of God. Take a look at our classes below. We’re sure there is somewhere for you to get connected.
* = meets in Worship Building
+ = meets in Education Building
# = meets in Future Generations Building

Children’s Classes and Teachers

* Nursery: Brooke Childress

* 3 year olds: Ann Kesterson

+ 4 year olds: Rebecca Green / Penny Barr

+ Kindergarten: Barbara Brown / Nicole Kesler
+ 1st Grade: Pat Hooks / Donna Martin
+ 2nd Grade: Kathy Abbott / Mike Prowell
+ 3rd Grade: Linda Parimore / Debbie Eddlemon
+ 4th Grade: Mary Sue Smith / Amanda Blish
+ 5th Grade: Pam Cheshire / Joe Cheshire
+ 6th Grade: Melinda Martz / Bill Martz

Youth Classes and Teachers

+ 7th-10th Boys: Chris Stewart / Bryant Arriaza
+ 7th & 10th Girls: Jodi McCrory / Tanya Stewart / Danielle Arriaza
+ 11th-12th Grade Co-ed: Stacy Mayo
#College & Career: Heath Sanders



Men’s Classes and Teachers

# Median Men 1: Ken Abbott

* Median Men 2: Roy Smith
Women’s Classes and Teachers

 * Women 1: Serita Sutton

* Women 2: Peggy Max

* Senior Women: Teresa Williams


Couples Classes and Teachers

* Couples: Tom Palmer